Dedicated to Charity and Education

History of the AIAC Scholarship Program

What we now know as the AIAC Scholarship Program was established by the Italian Open Golf Committee in 1981. The Committee Chairman, at the time, and now Life Member, Vince Favazza began the golf outing to support local charities. Vince and his committee decided that they wanted to start a scholarship program for deserving Italian American students attending High Schools and Universities in Maryland. The committee was contacted by AIAC member J. Jay Pecora and they put their idea into action and the 1st AIAC Scholarship was awarded in 1981 to a student at Loyola University. Since then the AIAC has established 32 additional scholarships to deserving Italian American students attending private High Schools and public and private University in Maryland. The Program has extended more than 750 scholarships and provided more than $1,000,000 in financial support to deserving individuals meeting the organizations high standards for academic excellence and commendable contributions to their local community. The AIAC Scholarship Program is dedicated to the advancement of Italian American students and to making a difference in student’s lives not only while they are in school but long after graduation.

AIAC Scholarship Procedure

Criteria to be eligible for the Scholarships

1.     The recipient must be  a US Citizen

2.     The recipient must be an American of Italian Heritage (any %) that can be verified.

3.     The recipient must meet the sponsoring school’s requirements for financial aid.

4.     The student must have a minimum GPA of 2.6 (GPA based on a scale of 0. to 4.0).

5.     Candidates for the scholarship shall be nominated by the sponsoring university or High School, be recommended by the Scholarship Committee, and be approved as a Scholarship recipient by the Membership of the AIAC. The AIAC will not supply applicants for the endowed scholarships.

6.     Recipients must continue to meet academic requirements of the school to remain in High School or college.

7.     College students or High School students for consideration of AIAC endowed scholarships MUST attend one of the institutions currently listed above for the year it is offered.

8.     Each Scholarship is for one (1) year only and the applicant must re-apply each year in order to receive the scholarship.

Applications Information

            The applications for each scholarship can be accessed on the web site of each designated institution, in the financial aid section. The Scholarships are advertised at the end of May each year and the deadline is the first Friday in November of the same year that the scholarship is given. The scholarship will be awarded the week thereafter. (example: if applying for 2016-2017 application will be out in May of 2016 and awarded in November of 2016). If the application is not on the schools web site contact the financial aid department.